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Title:  Current status of Cancer Rehabilitation in the Middle East

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Background: The aim of the current paper is to describe the status of cancer rehabilitation in the Middle East. The Middle East is a diverse region in terms of culture, religion, and politics. This diversity combined with a vague definition of the countries included in the region prevents a comprehensive review of the state of cancer rehabilitation.

Methods: Lack of data and publications in international peer review journals it is difficult to describe cancer rehabilitation in the Middle East and to draw conclusions. For these reasons, instead of comprehensive description this paper focuses on examples from different countries demonstrating different levels of cancer rehabilitation.

Results: Generally, with some rare exceptions such as Iran, rehabilitation services are not developed in Middle Eastern countries.  In cases where there are more developed services these services are not fully integrated into the cancer continuum of care.

Conclusion: Health care initiatives can't overcome regional and national barriers such as military conflict or poor economy. Notwithstanding global initiative it is important to assess what can be done locally with minimum resources.  First step can be introducing the concept of cancer rehabilitation through simple guidelines and instructions for self-care of the patients.  These guidelines can be communicated to patients and caregivers under the title of rehabilitation program by any member of the medical team. These guidelines can be the seed for more complex programs that need more resources.


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Cancer; Rehabilitation; Middle East; Continuum of Care

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