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In oncology, the increasing efficacy of the therapies and the increasing adherence to the screening programs for the early diagnosis have greatly improved the prognosis of the tumors, determining the progressive and constant reduction of mortality and the gradual increase in the number of people in remission and with a previous cancer history (cancer survivors). The new Oncology challenge, therefore, consists in guaranteeing the best survival and quality of life for these people, answering to their health needs, promoting research and preservation of physical and psycho-social wellbeing, rehabilitating the impaired functions, accompanying the patient in the active and productive reassignment of pre- illness social roles (working, family...).

This paper will describe the state of the art of oncological rehabilitation in the countries of southern Europe (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey). The source consists of institutional web sites and international English language literature accessible through the PubMED and Scopus databases.

The mapping of cancer rehabilitation care resources in South Europe shows that the provision of rehabilitative services is quite not homogeneous depending on whether or not a country and its cancer control strategy consider rehabilitation as an element or just an option in the multidisciplinary cancer care path. Moreover, he cultural, linguistic, economic heterogeneity of the countries included in this macro-geographical area should not be overlooked.


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Neoplasm, Oncology, Rehabilitation, Southern Europe

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